Environmental Noise Monitoring Systems – It's What We Do

We design, develop and install environmental noise monitoring systems that overcome the challenges and meet the objectives of any given project.

We work with companies throughout the airport, construction, civil engineering, manufacturing and entertainment industries, as well as consultancies and any business looking to assess their environmental impact.

We do this with a clear five-stage process that aims to:

  • Understand the requirements and objectives of your project
  • Deliver a complete environmental monitoring solution
  • Help identify and assess environmental impacts
  • Build knowledge and understanding
  • Maintain the accuracy of the system over the project’s lifetime
Environmental Noise Monitoring System Process

Stage 1: Consultation

Before any work on developing your environmental noise monitoring system can begin, we want to gain a clear understanding of your project. We begin with a free, on-site consultation where we can:

  • Listen to requirements and objectives for your survey
  • View the potential monitoring location (if possible) to survey the area and analyse any restrictions
  • Understand any specific working limits imposed by the local council or other regulatory body
  • Advise on the most technically proficient and cost-effective solution
Environmental Noise Monitoring System Consultation

Environmental Noise Monitoring System Proposal

Stage 2: Proposal

With a clear understanding of your project and objectives, we will prepare a complete proposal that will:

  • Detail the environmental noise monitoring system we intend to develop - with one clear price
  • How our solution will meet your objectives
  • Recognise the Standards and Regulations involved within your project and how we cover them
  • Typical delivery time to get you up and running
  • Key deliverables to help keep your project on track

Stage 3: Installation

Delivery and installation of your environmental noise monitoring system allows us to get your project up and running. To ensure a successful installation we will:

  • Send a time-served and experienced Installation Engineer to work with you – also fully trained in Health & Safety and Advanced Driving
  • Deliver the units ready for installation to save time – we typically allow ½ day for each measurement station
Environmental Noise Monitoring System Installation

Environmental Noise Monitoring System Training

Stage 4: Training

Any project we undertake would not be complete without training. This will help you meet your objectives and deliver the best return on your investment. Your training can include:

  • On-site training on using the system
  • How to get the data you need for your objectives
  • Who to contact for any customer support you require
  • Technical assistance on servicing and calibration
  • Anything else you require – just let us know

Stage 5: Maintenance

The key to any successful environmental noise monitoring system is maintenance. This guarantees the long-term performance and accuracy of the system. Your service and maintenance plan can be fully tailored to include:

  • Return-to-base or on-site calibration
  • Service reminders and preventative maintenance for optimum performance
  • Pay as you go or contracted options to suit your requirements
  • A Site Visit Report as evidence of what has been achieved during each visit
Environmental Noise Monitoring System Maintenance

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