What is Urban Noise Monitoring?

The monitoring of boundary noise levels in urban locations has become a high priority over recent years. Background noise levels in these environments are potentially already high. New developments in these locations threaten to increase noise levels even further and affect nearby residents. This is where the phrase urban noise monitoring becomes useful.

Understanding Urban Noise Monitoring

Urban noise monitoring covers the management of all areas of noise, including: noise levels, solving noise complaints, policing noise limits, producing reports and taking action when limits have been exceeded.

The European Union has implemented a directive on environmental noise (2002/49/EC) aiming to avoid, prevent or reduce the harmful effects of exposure to environmental noise.

Effected Industries

Monitoring and maintaining acceptable noise levels in urban environments can be a problem for many in construction, demolition and industrial sectors. This is also challenging for transport industries like road and rail.

Likewise, the leisure industry has to recognise their impact on urban noise levels. They must ensure the are monitoring and maintaining acceptable noise levels; especially if the location is already associated with high noise levels. For example, motorsport venues and outdoor music events.

Reduction of the noise levels can be expensive, so it is important to know exactly what areas have the greatest problems before investing in noise reduction mitigation. Cirrus Environmental can help plan and provide solutions for urban noise monitoring.