Everything You Need To Know About Festival Noise Monitoring

Accomplishing a good balance between the needs of event organisers and compliance bodies, such as local authorities, and nearby affected communities can be a challenging task when monitoring and managing the noise at large music events or festivals. Here are just a few of the solutions we can provide to help you with your festival noise monitoring.

Monitoring Noise from Festivals, Concerts and Music Events

Noise monitoring is essential anywhere where high noise levels could be in breach of the stipulated event conditions. There are many areas within the festival environment that need consideration. The most common include fields, car parks, warehouses and purpose-built venues. Maintaining acceptable noise levels and staying within the agreed limits is a given.

The Invictus Noise Monitoring terminals provide a way of managing noise levels at different locations within a music festival venue simultaneously. The Noise-Hub2 software package allows you to connect to multiple Invictus instruments and monitor them in real-time. You can even monitor locations on your mobile or tablet while on the move.

The system can also be used to alert individuals when limits have been breached, and of course there is always a time history of the noise to review after the event has finished.

A Simple, Cost-Effective Solution

Cirrus Environmental can provide you with the Invictus Noise Monitor for rental, configured to give you the essential parameters that you need to meet any environmental noise limits, standards or guidelines.

The Invictus is quick to deploy and is ideal for festival noise monitoring. You can effectively control, manage and reports noise levels.

Calibration of the festival noise monitoring equipment is taken care of by Cirrus before delivery and we’ll include a fully active SIM card so that you can just switch on and go.

Project Planning Service

We can offer a fully managed service where your data is available 24/7 through our online Noise-Hub2 web portal. This removes the need to install software onto your PC or server. You can access your measurements at any time from anywhere. This enables you can stay on top of your festival noise monitoring, thus ensuring that you are compliant with your noise limits.