An Overview of Construction and Demolition Noise Monitoring

It will come as no surprise that large redevelopment projects can have a huge impact on the existing properties that are located close by. One of the major impacts can be noise pollution generated by demolition and construction work. Here’s an overview of what is involved with construction and demolition noise monitoring, as well as solutions we can provide.

two diggers operating on a construction site and making noise

Due to the noise pollution and construction and demolition work, such projects are usually required to monitor the noise that they are creating. This is to make sure that they do not have too much of a detrimental effect on local residents.

This type of construction noise monitoring is usually required for the whole duration of the project. This would include demolition of any older properties that are being replaced right through to the completion of the new development.

To reassure nearby residents that the works will not cause undue discomfort many government bodies have legislation that covers the noise emissions from construction sites. They work with the main contractor to ensure that these guidelines or limits are met.

Some legislation sets strict maximum noise levels that must not be exceeded. Others take each site on a “case by case” basis and decide by mutual agreement what is appropriate based on the particular circumstances of the construction project.

Some Examples of Guidelines, Legislation and Mutual Agreements Regarding Construction Noise

  • National Environment Agency of Singapore’s Permissible Noise Levels from Construction Sites
  • Australian Standard (AS) 2436-1981 Guide to Noise Control on Construction, Maintenance and Demolition Sites
  • Section 61 Agreements in the United Kingdom.

Cirrus Environmental provide a full range of Construction and Demolition Noise Monitoring Equipment, from portable noise monitoring kits to semi-permanent or permanent noise monitors. All of these are suitable for ensuring that guidelines are both monitored and adhered to.

The equipment has a wide range of features to help any contractor fulfil their obligations as far as construction noise is concerned such as flashing Xenon Beacons when a pre-determined level has been exceeded, triggered audio recordings to log what has caused a high noise level and even alerts sent by text message (SMS), email or Twitter when a pre-set level is exceeded.

If you would like more information about how our products can help you measure, monitor and control noise from your construction activities, please contact us and we will be pleased to help.