• Solutions for Construction Noise Monitoring

    Knowing where to start with construction and demolition noise monitoring is no easy challenge.

    That it why we have launched our new Project Planning Service for the Construction Sector. We will guide you from the start of your project through to its completion.

  • Invictus Noise Monitoring Systems

    This latest generation of environmental noise monitors enable you to monitor and analyse noise in even more detail.

    Whether you need just the basics, frequency analysis, scheduled measurements or the complete system, the Invictus range of noise monitors can meet your exact requirements.

  • Choose Galactus for Integrated Noise Monitoring

    The Galactus is the latest noise monitor from Cirrus Environmental.

    Designed to integrate noise with external data loggers and environmental measurement systems, the Galactus can give you real-time noise data to industry standards.

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For communicating with and managing data from a single or multiple noise monitoring terminals.
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Environmental Noise Monitoring Solutions

Our noise monitors provide solutions that allow you to analyse all types of environmental noise easily.
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What Our Customers Say

” We have found them to be very reliable and user friendly to set up. They may go into storage for a few weeks but it tends to be back to back usage on one site or another “

Senior Health & Safety Manager Keith Kelsey - John F Hunt Demolition

” One part of the Invictus that is invaluable is the ability to have audio recordings once noise exceeds a predetermined level so peaks can be identified. “

Noise consultant - Louise Alderson

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