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    We design, supply, install and maintain outdoor and environmental noise monitoring systems that are purpose designed to meet our customers needs.

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    From the planning stage through design, installation and commisioning, we'll support you to allow you to get the information to meet your needs

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    As well as noise, our systems can support data from a range of other sources including weather sensors, vibration measurement, GIS information and more.

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Noise Monitoring Systems that Provide a Complete Solution for Environmental Measurements

Cirrus Environmental specialises in solving noise monitoring problems. We bridge the gap that exists between acoustic consultants and equipment manufacturers. This gives us the unique ability to design bespoke noise monitoring systems that can help meet the objectives of any project. No matter how challenging, daunting or unusual it may be. Our five-stage process provides the knowledge and technical expertise to get your project moving quickly and keep it running smoothly.

How Our Process Works

Successful Noise Monitoring Projects

We thrive on developing noise monitoring systems that solve our clients’ problems. Read our case studies to discover solutions we provided for challenging projects.

Eggborough Power Station

"The Cirrus system is easy to use by staff who are not noise specialists, and it gives us the information we need to help maintain our excellent relations with the local community. A great thing about Cirrus is that we can talk to them as individuals. The sales and service departments work together with integrity, and they look after us very well."

Eggborough Power Station

John F Hunt

"It records any peaks accurately and so we can use it to discount noise that would not be related to our sites. We have just finished using them at a site in Fenchurch Avenue which is in a very densely populated area in the City of London, so it’s good to have that kind of data as evidence to investigate any complaints."

John F Hunt

L A Environmental

"My job takes me all over the region so having the ability to use the remote access function of the equipment is essential. I also like the fact that the equipment measures octave band frequencies at the same time, some instruments only do this as a separate function but the Invictus can do them concurrently."

L A Environmental

News & Information

Big Noise in the Construction Industry


A large construction project in Central London requiring a continuous noise monitoring solution.

Demolition Company Finds Cirrus the Best


A demolition company requiring a reliable, user-friendly and portable system for various projects.

The Silence of the Lambs


An unusual project to monitor newborn lambs and assess the impact for a housing development.

Latest Blog Articles

Cirrus Environmental is now a UVDB Registered Supplier – The Utilities Vendor Database

Cirrus Environmental is now a registered supplier under the Utilities Vendor Database or UVDB. For many years, Cirrus Environmental has supplied noise measurement equipment to major infrastructure and engineering contractors as well as to the utilities sector. We can provide a wide range of noise and vibration measurement and monitoring systems, each of which can be […]

5 Top Tips for Construction Noise Monitoring

Monitoring a construction or demolition site for noise compliance is a complex task. It may involve more than one monitoring point and the monitoring itself may have to continue for many months. Here’s 5 Top Tips to follow when planning a construction noise monitoring project.

Planning a Successful Construction Noise Monitoring Solution

Large scale construction projects, especially those located in built up areas, are the most difficult to manage in terms of noise levels emitted from site operations. The nature of the environments in which these projects are located often makes construction noise monitoring difficult. Cirrus Environmental was tasked with producing a successful solution.